Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Calling all adults...let your kid at heart go play!

There should always be times when it is okay, times when it is almost necessary for us overwhelmed, over worked, over stressed adults to have those special hallmark days to be a kid at heart and recall what it was like to just have fun. We need to revisit that feeling of unabashed simple good ole' fun and quieten down those negative waves with innocent cheer. Go ahead and have that silly-goofy, make you belly laugh, can't catch your breath kind of fun a few times a year and just enjoy yourself! I mean you should go all the way back to that cool stuff that you waited for, anxiously, all year long like...Santa, the Easter Bunny, Halloween and that long night hoping the Tooth Fairy brought you something good...think back hard enough and we all have some golden memories from those different holidays throughout the year somewhere in our lives. I don't want parents to get the "kid fun feeling" from watching it through their own, get down on the floor and play Twister with your kids or build dinosaurs out of playdough or play Hide and Seek and tell ghost stories while roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Get creative and artistic and dye those Easter eggs and then join in on the hunt for them and let everyone dig way deep down in the bottom of their closets and see who comes out with the best Halloween costume to win the bag of chocolate goodies! Remember when the tooth fairy snuck under your pillow at night and took your newly lost tooth and left you a little surprise? Of course, you recall the joy of finding a gift in place of your tooth just like that "all over" Christmas glee tingle when Santa visited your house in the night and left you that ONE thing you had been hoping for all year...why, that was all some of the best things ever! That is the kind of kid fun I'm talking about folks...that kid in each of us who remembers those fulfilling happy things that swept us all away as we played games and lost all track of time until the summer sun began to fade, and it was time to go inside. So, for the sake of our sanity I am sounding the call to all adults to kick your shoes off and play in the rain puddles and try again to catch snowflakes on your tongue, even when it's only flurries. Shed the seriousness when the time rolls around or just unexpectedly presents itself and find that kid living in your heart, turn it loose, and just go play!

Pam's fun time thoughts...

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