Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What we can count on...

written by Pamela(Pam)Scholes

      I know it is hard to believe but there are so many things in life that are constant, that we can count on. It is hard to believe that in a world that seems in such disarray therefore it is easy to lose sight of those things. These things range far and wide, from one simple end to one complicated end of the spectrum. They are, at least things we can count on.
      The sky will always be above us and water will always be wet. True friends will stay and enemies will try. Once a lie is told then no apology erases the memory and when a life is touched then nothing erases that memory either. It will always be easier to give in but it will never be as rewarding as that of a successful battle.
       The birds will sing and morning will follow night. We know that the clouds will always change and that the flowers will have scent and color. Tended to properly we know that things will grow-left alone and things will die.It is the air that will fill our lungs and love that will fill our hearts. There is a long list of things, both good and bad, that at least are constant every day. So, when things seem scattered to the four winds try to concentrate on what we can count on...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Do ya want to chance it...?

written by pamela (pam) scholes

     This is one double edged sword of a question. Certain chances can cut both ways and it can happen quickly. It is usually simple things that do not cut in our favor. Ask yourself: should I simply lend my ear or do I just jump in with my advice without all the information?-Do ya want to chance it? Should you do less leaping and more looking or do you just want to dive in head first having no idea what lays beneath?- Do ya want to chance it? Do you walk slowly and keep pace with time or do you just want to burst out of the gates and try to outrun time? Do ya want to chance it?
       On the other side of this sword are questions. Do you lay your heart out there and welcome people in knowing fully that there could be pain but that to not do it may be a missed chance at happiness. Do ya want to chance it? Will you evolve and be all that you can by giving your endeavors your best or do you hope the cards will just fall into place? Do ya want to chance it?
There are so many things I could go on about but I hope you feel my point anyway. Always think and weigh things carefully when asking  Do I want to chance it...?