Sunday, September 30, 2012

Go ahead-Just Do It!!!

Yes, that's right-it can be that simple. You see the long wooded road before you, there it is stretching as far as you can see and the distance already ran was long and tiring. But, one must tighten the reigns, close your eyes and concentrate then run forward with intent of accomplishment. Just do it! Some times caution must be thrown to the wind and we must take a dive from the cliff top into the waving waters below and ride thier thrift, aiming toward our destination. Jump without fear; Just do it! When logic and reason no longer makes sense then it is time to clean out our inner closet and throw away what does not fit anymore; let go of the old and welcome the new. Just do it! Procrastination will destroy your progress in life, clinging to the past will always hold you back. Do not put off again today that which should have been done yesterday. Dash into the frey and meet the world around you head-on with a strong will of mind and a determined restless heart. Always weigh your paths equally but do not over analyze, it is a waste of time. If you seek you shall find and when you do find then hold on-take that first step unfaltering. Go forward for your own reasons and Just do it...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Too little, Too much

All too often we seem to have so little to work with and so much to do. The tools we have appear broken that were meant to help us overcome. It just becomes overwhelming-too much. This is how life comes, swift and by suprise to add to our load. We, by all standards, are built stronger than we think and even when those broken tools seem too little to help us get by then depend upon yourself and believe in yourself; gather your tools together and piece by piece attack the overwhelming with fire and passion. Never falter for long for we can defeat what is Too much with what we just think is Too little...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The little engine that could

Oh my, how steep the hill, how rocky the road, how hard the climb and far away the top. Here we sit at the bottom staring fearfully at the looming mountain before us. The path to the top seems to stretch as far as we can see. We tend to waste too much time wondering how in the world we are going to make it, we are so tired already. The path laying in your wake is a partial oasis for the top is far and it can be hard but the more we climb the closer to the crest we will be. It is never as bad as it seems; the oasis makes it appear so. Look through a kaleidoscope and follow the many swirling colors, let them lead you. If you look through the faded lens then you will never see beyond the oasis and the top will always be covered in a patchy dense fog. Do not fear the journey, even from the bottom for once you work and the reach the crest the rest is all downhill. So, it is important to encourage yourself and climb that mountain so that you can look back and i say "I am the little engine that could"...And did.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Judge and Jury

 It is somehow easier to offer our attention and opinions towards things that we feel are simply out of our hands. The great web of deceit, we have woven it well for ourselves. I say that we, each individual separately, has woven their own web because we rarely ever take the time to examine our own lives. There seems to be a no- holds- barred rule when we stand in judgement of another’s actions or create our own ideals about who they really are.
  I have never understood how people find it so easy to stand as judge and jury over another person's life that they really know nothing about. Deep down in everyone’s life rests a piece of misery, heartache, and a closet of haunting ghosts. People in general go forth in life with the preconceived notion that all others are wearing masks, yet we do not consider this notion to apply to ourselves personally. We always find good reasons why we are the exception to the rule for too many times we are willing to deceive ourselves...the first person we should stay true to.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beware of the beauty...

It all began simple enough as I suppose most things do. I guess the best way I know to equate the events of my life is to compare them to a spider web. The small, seemingly harmless creature begins to weave a web with nothing more than a single glistening strand of silk that stretches from one point to another. It continues to weave dynamic geometrical shapes until it has created an intricate piece of art. We can only wonder how this tiny creature could achieve building such a beautiful splendor in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. It spreads about it an air of curiosity that draws us to take a closer look at this spectacular creation. The closer we get the more engrossed we are with the precision and detail laboriously applied to this miniature world of silken strands.

We are so in awe that we fail to realize the purpose for which the web was designed to begin with. It was not created for the joy of one to gaze upon but for the sole reason that one would become trapped in the paralyzing sticky residue that lies, unseen, on the surface of those glorious silk strands. By the time we realize this, it is usually too late: we are already caught and struggling in vain to free ourselves. The more we struggle, the more entangled we become. In moments of panic it is often hard to find logic and reasoning. We failed to anticipate the ugly in the beauty...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Be or not To Be?

So, this is the grand question, to be or not to be? We all must know that this could and will apply to almost, if not everything, in our lives. We will go through each day without a clue as to how many times we have silently ask ourselves that question. I think much of the answer lies with free-will. We have been given that so that we had the right to make choices and decisions. It is how we plan our reaction to adverse action. Is it to be a mountain or is it to be merely a climable hill? Is it to be a valley or is it to be just a dip in the road? Is it to be a dark, dense forest or is it to be a path only hidden by trees? Is it to be a haul down a long dusty road or is it to be a walk in the sunshine? We could ask all day what is to be or not but why bother to ask? We already hold the answer: Things are what you choose them to be, what you mold them to be, what you strive for them to be. And that which is not to be was not meant to be.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little ones out of big ones

Here we go traveling along the paths of our lives and following our steps where they lead us when in the midst of it all rolls a huge boulder that blocks our very view for the direction we are headed. Now, we could spend countless days of wasted time scurrying about trying to find a way over, under, or around this new obstacle. It can become overwhelming when we try to deal with too many large things at once. I do know and understand that life can come fast, hard, and often unfairly but we have been given the tools to deal with this for these obstacles will be a continual part of the journey. When things loom large then must take out our toolbox and pick apart that boulder into tiny little rocks and line them up like toy soldiers. It is hard to take your problems one at a time when they will not get in line but once the boulder is busted we can then begin to handle things section by section and individually. One must prioritize these tiny rocks and work until they are no more than crushed pebbles. We all possess the will inside of us to never give up. Once we have some resolution we may then again travel on our way and when we encounter the boulders again we will know that in order to get THROUGH them we must make little ones out of big ones...