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The calm comes after the storm...

 Saturday, June 15, 2013

Calm before the storm...

written by pamela(pam)scholes

As you can see above this very subject has come full circle from what I posted almost 11yrs ago to the day as I visit it now. I have had life rear its ugly head more times than I could count or guess in my life and the one, I believe, lifesaving turn was when I realized that at the exhausted end of every rocky storm, I had prevailed through, was the warm calmness waiting for me...welcoming me to just exhale. I look back, and sometimes I can see too far, and I can hear myself having always told myself to, "Buck up and get through it so the storm can pass, and the calm will come." And it always did, and it was my time to relax, to reset, and to refuel myself and to refine my next steps forward. I would far rather spend my time enjoying the calm as opposed to wasting it gearing up with nerves torn inside out about what the next storm will be. Let me just tell you folks, the next storm that comes your way won't be the last and what makes them winnable depends on how well you stare them down.

You anchor down and you hold that ground steady no matter what waves roll your way, you stay matter how hard those waves try to pull you under, you stay matter how relentless the tides crash trying to knock you off course, you stay anchored. You stay in the battle and just like the clouds that always move on by so will the storms. The thunder will soon be a distant rumble and the lightening will be mere sparks fading out and the air will be fresh and crisp. And when you hear the noises of good cheer, such as the birds singing again then it means, for this round, that the storm is over. You may now lift your anchor and relax into a blue sky as you just lean on back and coast on the smooth ripples that are the stillness of calm waters. There is no, nor can there be, a "calm before a storm" as no one is calm while they wait and anticipate what damage the next storm will do...that is not calmness by any terms.

So, my friends when you look around and find yourself in the next tailspin storm of your life think back on this blog, think back on these words and know that if you will anchor down and face the turbulence, and out ride the tidal waves, then your precious reward is the calm that comes after the storm...

Pam's life long and late night thoughts.

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