Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's talk truth...

written by Pamela (pam) Scholes

         Let's just sweep everything to the side for a moment and discuss what we know about the truth. It is another double edged sword and will most always cut both ways. Let's just strip the truth bare.
         The plain truth is that in our lives poeple will intentionally lie to us while others are there to comfort. It is true that people will betray us for selfish reasons as others remain steadfast. It is the thruth that people closest will abandon us while others remain at our side, both by choice. It is truth that people will let us down and disappoint us while others will lift us up.
          It is truth that people will wear false mask to cover who they are while others are proud of that fact. It is truth that people will use us and take advantage of us while others will appreciate us. It is truth that it will rain from the heavens just as sure as will the sun beam.
          Some truths are hard and painful to deal with but they will come just the same so join me today for a sit down chat and let's talk truth...