Sunday, June 23, 2024

We the People...

 This is not exactly an easy post for me because I am going to have to do some finger pointing, so to speak, towards those responsible for actions, reactions, and non-actions. I have asked my friends and social media followers to please voice their thoughts with me to help me write this blog. This isn't about me; it is about us...We the People. I thank those who kindly shared their thoughts with me to help me be a voice that cares. It was my promise.

       For those of you who have roamed about my blog page you already know that I do not blog about politics or religions, and I am not going to do so now. This discussion does, however, voice concern about our country, about our home. It is about what is happening to America the Beautiful and what is happening that is combating the growth of the land of opportunity. I wish to speak freely because I happen to think that we are all important and that our thoughts matter and that we are not heard near as much as we should be.

       The feedback that came my way, when I ask folks what they would do to better the country, were a bit sad and full of concern. The replies came from all over the United States, and it quickly became crystal clear to me how many people there really are who are just barely getting by. And what about the other ones, the ones who aren't getting by at all and will, after enough time, no longer care about getting by at all...many of those we call the homeless. The least fortunate are among us, they are our people, they could be any of us and, for whatever reasons they are there, there is no justification for the "powers that be" to allow such a thing to even exist. No person in this country should be without food, shelter, and a chance to make a life they can be proud of. Unfortunately, those are not God given rights, they are government given rights and can be changed at any time in the game. It seems like it has all become a big chess game and "we the people" are the pawns far too often.

         Welfare, I don't even know where to begin on that one. At its inception it was devised as a system and program to help people go back to school if needed, to help people find a job, to lend aide to childcare until they were established in a job, and to provide some kind of financial assistance during that time. It was to offer someone their chance to make it or be without but at least they had the chance. We are meant to help those who cannot help themselves and the original Welfare program offered just that but that was back when people still cared about one another, when they cared about the job they did, and when a hand, in a position to do so, reached out to help. Don't remember those times? I understand as it has been a long time ago; seems ancient history almost.

            We have been made promises that are seldom kept, we have simple questions that receive little or no answers. We have real issues concerning real people and as a government the blind eyes have got to stop closing or looking the other way. No situation of concern ever just goes away without being tended to. When does a better day come? When will things be said and done in a way that makes sense? The homeless-why? -we made many of them that way. Welfare? - what significant move has it made in policy to continue to better those who need it? We could go around and around with it all, for there is much in need of attention, but let's focus on some highlights. Let me be clear that I, in no way, mean any harm or offense towards anyone but I do not have any control over how something makes someone else feel. I mean, ask a simple question to any official about any ongoing concern and just see how many times you get brushed off. That puts up a red flag for me that is implying that no one really knows. Let us hope it is not a red flag implying that no one really cares about us.

           I am not looking to be wrong or right for there is this grey area out there and that is where I believe, and many of my responses believe, that we are stuck in. Our forefathers made things so simple. They stuck firmly to a plan that came from a blank page of paper and a gathering of thoughts and ideas. They knew they didn't know everything, but they knew it should not be learned at the expense of the people. My, that's pretty powerful for a time so long ago. They believed in the possibilities of where they could go, and they made it so that there could be an American Dream and I am inclined to believe that this is not exactly what they had in mind...

           There is little to no explanation to many of our existing concerns but there is one root that much of it stems from...hatred. We spend ten times more energy hating than we do trying to figure out how-to live-in harmony. It is a sad when any country has created much of its own misery and I think that the government overlooks far too many small issues; handle those and there will be fewer large issues. We, us out here who are just trying to make it, is who this country was founded for...its people. That is us, right?

           Where have our standards disappeared to? Why is it commonplace to compare one country with another when there will always be differences? And all of the speeches and debates simply are: if they can't sell it to you then they want to make you afraid of it. If you have a cause then please work towards it, if you have a voice of reason then please speak it, and if you have better ideas for us and our future then please share them. Those calling the shots figure that if they can keep us separated and angry at each other then we can be easier dealt with. It's a false bill of goods being sold, and the policy is "as is". I ponder often about the place we call home, and I am just not sure when it all began to stray off track as the down sliding has been gradually sliding for some time now. I would like y'all to please give some things their deep, logical, and long overdue honest thought and then ask yourself what you think about the short orders being served to us for we still are...We the People.

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