Monday, June 17, 2024

The calm comes after the storm...

 Saturday, June 15, 2013

Calm before the storm...

written by pamela(pam)scholes

As you can see above this very subject has come full circle from what I posted almost 11yrs ago to the day as I visit it now. I have had life rear its ugly head more times than I could count or guess in my life and the one, I believe, lifesaving turn was when I realized that at the exhausted end of every rocky storm, I had prevailed through, was the warm calmness waiting for me...welcoming me to just exhale. I look back, and sometimes I can see too far, and I can hear myself having always told myself to, "Buck up and get through it so the storm can pass, and the calm will come." And it always did, and it was my time to relax, to reset, and to refuel myself and to refine my next steps forward. I would far rather spend my time enjoying the calm as opposed to wasting it gearing up with nerves torn inside out about what the next storm will be. Let me just tell you folks, the next storm that comes your way won't be the last and what makes them winnable depends on how well you stare them down.

You anchor down and you hold that ground steady no matter what waves roll your way, you stay matter how hard those waves try to pull you under, you stay matter how relentless the tides crash trying to knock you off course, you stay anchored. You stay in the battle and just like the clouds that always move on by so will the storms. The thunder will soon be a distant rumble and the lightening will be mere sparks fading out and the air will be fresh and crisp. And when you hear the noises of good cheer, such as the birds singing again then it means, for this round, that the storm is over. You may now lift your anchor and relax into a blue sky as you just lean on back and coast on the smooth ripples that are the stillness of calm waters. There is no, nor can there be, a "calm before a storm" as no one is calm while they wait and anticipate what damage the next storm will do...that is not calmness by any terms.

So, my friends when you look around and find yourself in the next tailspin storm of your life think back on this blog, think back on these words and know that if you will anchor down and face the turbulence, and out ride the tidal waves, then your precious reward is the calm that comes after the storm...

Pam's life long and late night thoughts.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

To Value Time...

Time is a funny thing…a constantly moving, never looking back, irreplaceable funny thing. As for me, I find nothing more valuable that one can give you than their time. Time is of essence indeed…always has been, always will be. But we have entered a whole new frame of time as far too many do not value or recognize the value of someone else’s time. You can question “why is that?” The answer is simple…far too many do not value or recognize the value of their own time…time means nothing to them…they spend it foolishly…they go wandering thru each day completely unaware that while they are wasting their precious god given gift of time, the world moved on and progressed. It’s the only thing in your life you can never get back…when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. So, try to appreciate the mere fact that you were thought worthy enough to be given your allotment of time and treat it as a daily treasure all day, every day and extend that same respect for other folks' time. Stop blowing minutes, hours, days into thin air like you can just go out and buy yourself some more never stops going tic toc, tic toc. Value now the time you have and value always the time others give you for the value of time itself is priceless.

Pam’s late-night thoughts…

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

What Do You Think?

I’m going to try a different kind of blog…how about we all try to have an actual little chit chat…just pleasant, friendly, and respectful input between us regular folks out here; I’d love to hear from you! So, I have chosen three different topics that will hopefully catch your eye and draw you in and interest you enough, in some way, to share your thoughts. How about we take it out for a spin and see what happens... 

1) Sunsets or sunrises…boy, now that's a tough choice for me; I’m a Gemini (😊) so I love them both. I see a sunrise as a fresh new start to greet a fresh new day. Sunsets take my breath away and I if I’m sitting before one with a smile on the face of my heart then the day closes as a success. What do you think?

2) Books and authors…when asked what my all-time favorite book is my reply is quick; “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. It’s a make you feel good and hit you in the gut kinda book…I like those kind. One of my fav authors, however, would be Lee Childs…he’s a get you, grip you, got you till the end kinda writer…I like that kind too. What do you think?

3) Those “just can’t ignore them” late night snack cravings…I usually lose the argument with my tummy and raid the kitchen. I’m having chips right now in fact! My fav “go to” late night snack lately is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I’ve got a kick for them. I am also weak to Queso Potato Chips, Kettle corn popcorn, and vanilla bean ice cream! I’m not even going to get started on the cheesecake wants! Those are my favs and I’m sure y’all have some favs too. And I’m totally guilt free for nibbling them while in bed! There is no more fitting place to have that late night snack. What do you think?

Pam's late-night thoughts (and cravings)...

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Be the hand that helps someone...

Everywhere I turn there is someone in need of help. Not pity, money or sympathy…they just need help and/or direction. For instance, if you are one who has never had to deal with healthcare, available resources, and insurance fine lines and you get sick then here come the bills! Unneeded tests are done, too many trips back and forth to different doctors because, to the other side, it’s clear you aren’t familiar with the arena. I know that arena well from experience so when I see a situation that I know exactly what needs to be done and save one time and money and worry…then I’m damn sure going to do it. If I have someone in a parking lot ask me for money my answer is no…but I will gladly offer to take them in the store and buy them a bite to eat and a few bottles of water. If you know someone who suddenly is some legal issue, and you are familiar with the law at all then let it be a duty to help them understand the inner workings and offer up your suggestions…they need that help. If one needs a ride to a doc appointment or to the grocery store and such but they have no car then I am going to help them get where they need to be and home again. I am proud of the fact that I am built with enough compassion to notice one who needs helps and with enough “grit” to get that help provided. When you see that something is wrong then it’s a human kindness rule to bring that to the forefront for someone and get it resolved as it should have been from jump. I am just not one who can walk away from someone needing help when I know what to do to help. I try each day to end it knowing that it was a personal success because I was able to guide and advise someone who had no clue what to do next...that I was able to make Pammy Magic happen. See, I shall maintain my belief that kindness can’t be cured, and that compassion will alter lives and that’s two things we should all believe. I leave you now with your thoughts on this and with hopes beyond hope that we are able to salvage more kindness and more compassion…it’s the heartbeat and soul strings that keep the wheels of life turning. Step up to the plate and be that hand that helps someone…the reward is almost immediate and the outcome of something better is always a win/win thing. Don’t turn your head, don’t shut your eyes, and don’t not listen…someone is going to need you and if you can at all…you best show up!

Pam's late-night thoughts...

Saturday, June 8, 2024

In light of things...continued into 2024 from 2015

On Saturday 8/1/2015 I wrote my only blog of that year "In light of things" and it was my final blog until January of 2024. Upon revisiting it, after seeing so many new views of it, I decided to resurrect it and post it again with minor 2024 touches. I truly can't believe how so many things remain unchanged in a world that advances and changes every moment. That's a profound statement...still in the same light of things.

            Depending on where you are it is either early or late as I sit in the quiet and dark of the Atlanta skyline at 2:00am as I cannot sleep. I have been awake just pondering so many things and in light of things there is much to ponder. The world is on center stage and yet no one seems to be maintaining their part. This is one where everyone must participate and become a formidable, "not for sale" part of this movement we call Life.

             I do not understand how so many things backslid into the state they are in, nor do I understand how some of these messes can possibly be justified or be remotely acceptable. I sat here wondering what news was breaking, at that moment, far and wide that I would see on the 6:00am news. We have gotten entirely too much negative reactions and entirely too little positive actions. We have pedaled backwards in so many areas that I just can't wrap my head around how so many can bear to just sit by and allow so much that was fought for just now become things of the past or just mere mentions of history. The rule seems to be that if we don't like it, we will amend it a tad and that, my friends, is not betterment or a push for change.

              I am not ashamed to say that we have lost sight, not the way but the visual of where we were heading and where we want to go. People are so confused, frustrated, and just flat put out that humanity has taken a downward spiral. I have days when some small action occurs that restores a small piece of my faith in humanity. Those are the moments we now breathe for...those of human kindness. An extended hand can move mountains when one knows they are not alone. And people, we are not alone for we are all here and like it or not we are the cards we have been dealt but we don't have to be alone. Why make that choice when unity can be just as simple? There is far too much complicating the system of simplicity.

               We are back to living in a world of survival by any means necessary and without care or regard for the consequences. Things are looming larger all of the time as folks agree on less every day. We have to believe, way deep down, that we each matter enough to pitch in and to push forth for change for the ball has been dropped. I have to ask the fair question: how can technology help change so much and yet leave so much unchanged? Let us step up to the plate and take a swing...let us step up to the mic and have a voice...let us take hold of the person next to us and be a link in the chain...let us stop just seeing things and start really looking at them instead. What harm could it do to try to address our challenges from a new angle? In light of things...I can see no harm; I see hope and that is a much clearer light for things.

Pam's own evening thoughts


Thursday, June 6, 2024

The mysteries that sustain us...

 As a child I became fascinated with the sky and to this day I still silently remain mystified. Astrology and Astronomy have always been such phenomenal things to me. There are plenty of mathematical formulas out there I am sure would offer me a scientific name or explanation about it all but for me those science opinions don’t cut it. I hope I always look at the moon, the stars, the lazy rolling clouds on sunny days and feel the mystery. How do those planets and stars just sit there, suspended by empty air? Where do you think clouds end up after we watch one roll out of our sight? Much is known and much is hypothesized but I choose not to question it. I revel too deeply when I look up at night and try to fathom how far away the moon and stars are. I have always known and shall always know that I don’t know everything and that I am just fine with that. I need something huge to contain and sustain my thoughtful, questioning mind. I want everyday things to amaze me with that phenomenal mystery for all of my life. Grab the tail of something that you hope always keeps your mystery alive. Hold tight to it…whatever it may be. Mine just happens to be the endless elements of what sits above us as well as the space that surrounds us. I enjoy, with pure heart, watching the sunset slide down the horizon and see that multitude of stars break open. I like to look at the pyramids and the many amazing coliseums and such that remain standing through time and only to admire them as I keep their mystery of “how” alive in my thoughts. We all need something that we admire or have an interest in but remains elusive of definition. It is often solely those things of phenomenal mystery that does sustain us! I don’t wish to know how the stars and moon and sun just hang themselves on some invisible force which is assigned to keep them suspended. We don’t know everything because of the limitless mystical forces at play but WORD…we are not designed to know everything just so that we remain moved and captured by something we cannot explain. And when I gaze up at that star filled sky or that clear blue sky with lazy white clouds rolling by, I find all of the proof I need to enforce my belief in the constant presence of that high power. The sky is one glorious phenomenon and when it greets you in the day; greet it in return. And when it bids you goodnight; then bid it so in return. Everything we currently know was once unexplainable. And I shall leave many things that awe me just as they are so that they may always take my breath each time I gaze up. And I shall remain mystified by the pyramids and such unexplainable structures, including the City of Atlantis, so that my curiosity shall always be peaked and remain steadfast with wonder. I shall keep tight to the mysteries that sustain me.

Pam's late night/early morning thoughts...

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Pick up the pace...the slow pace 2024

This is a blog from 2013 but I have been noticing that it has been receiving many new views, so I thought it worthy of revisiting this test of picking up the slow pace with only a light dusting of a facelift.

Oh yes, here we go starting our new day already caught up in some kind of rushing flurry: we forgot something, we are running late, or we didn't get this or that done. We have no clue at what we miss each day or how many things we just rush right on by. There could be some glorious thing we missed because we were too busy running on the fast track at the fast pace. Going through your days like that adds up to many things you have simply passed by. How often do you take the time to watch a sunset or listen to the song whispered by the wind through the leaves of trees? People are in such a high-speed rush now to go everywhere and to get everything done; right now! Why? I think that "why" is a fair question to ask? I mean do we really HAVE to be the first one to arrive or be next in line? Folks rush to save time...hmmm. So, explain this one cause I love it when folks burn up 15 good minutes circling the full parking lot just waiting on someone up front to pull out and give you front row parking...never mind you could have settled for "okay" parking and be leaving by now! People have forgotten how to slow down, how to take deep, healthy breaths, and to just live in one moment of time at a time. Gaze around at the simple things right before our eyes and put the brakes on this rushing around trying to win some rat race. There is far too much wonder out there for us to embrace the race constantly; slow down for some days we are not meant to is designed so that we do not always win. We are, however, meant to absorb the hidden gifts of the day; we are meant to seek them out. I know that life can come quickly, strongly, and unfairly but we can react to that calmly. Try something new today by taking full stock of all of the tiny treasures in your life as all of that stuff that we rush about to get have my personal word that it will be right there whenever you get to it! Put that hurricane, that is your life, on "pause" and take some nice long deep breaths and then abandon the rat race and pick up the slow pace instead.

Pam's nighttime thoughts...