Saturday, August 1, 2015

In light of things...

Pamela Scholes

            Depending on where you are it is either early or late as I sit in the quiet and dark of the Atlanta skyline at 2:00am-I can not sleep. I have been awake just pondering so many things and in light of things there is much to ponder. The world is on center stage and yet no one seems to be maintaining their part. Every one must participate and become a part of this movement we call Life.
             I do not know things backslid in to the state they are in nor do I understand how some of these things can possibly be justified. I sat here wondering what news was breaking at that moment far and wide that I would see on the 6:00am news. We have gotten entirely too much negative reaction and a poor level of positive action. We have pedaled backwards in so many areas and i can not grasp how we as a people could just sit by and watch so much that was fought for just now become amendments.
              I am not ashamed to say that we have lost sight, not the way but the visual of where we want to go. People are so confused, frustrated, and just put out that humanity has taken a downward spiral. I have days when some small action occurs that restores a small piece of my faith in humanity. Those are the moments we should breathe for-those of human kindness. An extended hand can move mountains when one knows they are not alone. And people, we are not alone for we are all here and like it or not these are the cards we have been dealt but we don't have to be alone-unity is just as simple.
               We are back to living in a world of survival by any means necessary and without care or regard for the consequences. Things loom large but we must choose to see the beauty instead of the ugly. We have to believe that we each matter enough to push forth for change for the ball has been dropped. Let us step up to the plate and take a swing. What harm could it do in light of things...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Voice of "We the people..."

written by: Pamela Scholes

       I wish I could say that this is an easy post for me as it means I am going to have to do some finger pointing for somewhere down the line someone is responsible for actions, reactions, and non-actions. I have asked my friends and social media followers to please voice their opinions with me to help me write this blog. This isn't about me, it is about us- "We the people..."I thank those who kindly lent me their thoughts so I am here to be their voice. It was my promise.
       As those of you who have roamed about my blog page know that I do not dabble in politics or religion but I am here as a voice for many and sadly, that voice is about this country. It is about what is happening to America the beautiful and what is happening that is combating the growth of the land of opportunity? Now, I could run with this far and wide but I am here for you, all of you, because someone has to be and someone needs to be. You are important and your thoughts matter.
       The thoughts of feedback that came to me when I posted the question of what each person would change first if they were given the chance to change one thing in this land of ours. The replies that came from all over the United States saddened me because it became crystal clear how many people are truly just getting by. And what about the other ones, the ones not getting by at all who will, after enough time, no longer care about even getting by- we call them the homeless. They are among us, they are our people, they could be us and for whatever reasons they are there, there is no excuse for a government to allow such a thing to even exist. No person in this country should be without food, shelter, and a chance to make a life they can be proud of. Sadly, those are not God given rights they are government given rights and can be changed at any time in the game. The world has become a chess game and "we the people" are pawns.
         Welfare, I don't even know where to begin on that one. It was devised as a simple system and program to help people get by while trying to help place them in a job. It was to offer some one their chance to make it or lose it but at least they had the chance. We are meant to help those who can not help themselves and the original Welfare program offered just that but that was back when people still cared about one another, back when a helping hand wasn't hard to find. Dont remember this time-that's because it has been a long time ago; seems ancient history.
            We have been made promises that are seldom kept, we have simple questions but the buck never stops. We have real issues concerning real people and as a government the blind eyes have got to stop closing or looking the other way, no situation just goes away without being tended to. When does a better day come? When will things be said and done in a way that makes sense? The homeless-why?-we made many of them that way. Welfare?- what significent move has it made in policy to continue to better those who need it. We could go around this thing for a very long time and I in no way mean any harm or offense but I do not have control of how the truth makes someone feel.I mean, ask a simple question to any government official about an ongoimg issue and just see how mant times you get pushed off. You are given to someone who always has to clarify with someone else. That puts up a red flag with me that it means that no one really knows.
           I am not looking to be wrong or right for there is this grey area and that is where I believe and my responses believe that we are stuck. Our forefathers made things so simple. They stuck firmly to a plan that came from a blank page of paper and a feather pen; and they took that and built a country. They knew they didn't know everything but they knew it would not be learned at the expense of the people. My, that's pretty powerful for a time so long ago but they believed in where they could go. They made it so that there could be an american dream and a land of the beautiful and I am inclined to believe that this is not what they had in mind..
           There is little to no explanation to most of our problems but there is one root that much of it stems from-hatred. We spend ten times more energy hating than we do trying to figure out how to live in harmony. It is a sad epic saga when a country has created much of its own misery and I think that the government overlooks far too many small issues; handle those and there will be less large issues.WE, us out here in this world every day is who this country was founded by and for-its people.
           Where have our standards disappeared to? and why compare one country with another when there will always be differences but we don't have to let this create disruption any longer. And all of the speeches and debates simply are: if they can't sell it to you then they want to make you afraid of it. If you have a cause then tell it, take back your piece of your country and lay claim to your self respect. Be who it is you want to be and do not allow these grand issues to steal your happiness.The government thinks that if they can keep us seperated then we can be easier dealt with. It's a false bill of goods we have been sold, and the policy is "as is". I ponder often about the place we call home and I am just not sure when it all begin to go wrong, but what counts is the voice of "WE the people..."

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Always never the same...

written by Pamela Scholes     

      It is an age old adage of "The more things change the more they stay the same."For most of my life I did not really understand what that meant, I only knew that it had to be logic hidden within logic. Now, after many journeyed paths that have been crossed by all walks of people and new encounters I have finally come to understand it and just how true it is. Looking back, as we often do, I can see many times this applied in my life but it escaped me. We can use a simple situation as an example and you will see how it equates to so much and has for so long.
       You can take an individual who has no real sense of responsibility and just kind of rolls with the flow without much of a care in the world. You look at this person who appears to have no direction in life, aimlessly wandering. Now, let us say that this misguided individual lands a good job and takes on some responsibilities of every day life. They pay the bills and secure a safety net. That's all well and good but it is also only exterior change and no matter how much of it there may be, when you see this person inside you will often find no or little change at all. Exterior change is much easier and far less painful but without inner change the rest is just self geography.
       So, you see that the more some things change the more they stay the same for one ever becomes somebody of growth so long as they move only outside the lost person they are. History has proven this to be true as well and it is on a much higher level of how many things change while staying the same. It is a false bill of sale on damaged goods. Think about it, look around, go somewhere you have not been in a long time, or talk to a long out of touch friend and you will see how some things are just always never the same...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Your identity; to whom does it belong...?

written by Pamela Scholes

       We enter this world with our own special identity, things that separate us from other people and allow us to blossom into our own unique selves. This journey takes a lifetime to build and yet it can be swept from underneath you like a flying carpet ride. Your entire world can now be turned upside down and inside out by the fastest growing and yet least paid attention to crime of Identity Theft. People out there have become experts on being able to steal who we are and we, sadly, are the last to know it and by then the damage is done. And once the damage is done there is a long uphill road waiting to climb to try to untangle this web of a mess.Through some research I have found that not even the IRS will give the police authorities any information concerning any identity theft victim or case even while asking questions about an open investigation. All words fall on deaf ears and people hide behind policy to abandon the innocent.
       The IRS and other governmental departments know who the perpetrators are through fraud tax returns and duplicate filings and yet they still withhold any/all information from the victim and authorities. I have been told that victims of this crime spend years spinning their wheels and doing their own leg work while the "powers that be" sweep this ever growing invasion of ones life under the proverbial rug. This deserves full due attention. Imagine the devastation of waking up one day to find that on paper your identity has been stolen and you have no clue where  to turn. It is a sad fact but the avenues of help are 95% closed. Oh, it is acknowledged that this crime does exist but I have never heard of one proposal or plan to bring down an iron fist on this. We should not only feel protected, we should BE protected. Hackers are sneaking in and dissolving what one has worked so hard for and no one offers a hand toward a solution nor do we hear of anyone suggesting ways to implement a better, stronger system. The government itself  is being hacked and yet they do not seem on high alert nor do we hear much about the corruptness striking even them. No one is beyond reach in this epic saga of technical robbery. Any one of us could fall victim  to having our identity stolen on any given day.
       It is a time of true "beware" but it will never be broadcast on the news as such; might alarm people-as opposed to looking at it like informing them.  In my research and with talking with many victims I was astonished at the number of people who appear as new cases each day through the Fraud Investigative Department. A Detective shared with me that identity theft is his main case load now and they can lay dormant  for long periods of time due to a tall wall of shut down from those who should be helping by providing information so that the perpetrators may be brought to justice. The "powers that be" just close the door and draw the blinds as if it  will just go away. It is a far larger problem than I have heard admitted. How can a continual blind eye turn to yet another screaming and obviously  intrusive attack against innocent people? Is it really that easy to think that if it just isn't addressed out loud then it will quietly find a way to fix itself? There are extreme measures that are long past due to be taken to fight for the victim instead of protecting the criminal. Ask anyone what price they would put on the tag for all the trauma and discord a situation like this cost and they would have no numbers to offer for so much of the violation took irreplaceable things. Heads should be hanging down for leaving a person hanging out to dry and letting them try to figure out how to recapture who they are. I intend to expand on this issue in the Atlanta Constitution but I just HAD to share it here as well. Beware and make sure you know to whom your identity belongs...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Why surrender your will...

written by pamela scholes

      Life is a constant ever changing battle for it will change the rules and then break them but you don't have to let it break you. You must push yourself, drive yourself, go for it all; for what are we without a dream, without passion, without a reason to keep moving forward?. Even the seemingly impossible is better than nothing at all. As long as you can conceive that there is something out there waiting for you to find it then you have a choice of pausing or trudging on.
      Life will give and it will take away, sometimes what we are given is snatched back from us. We are surrounded by every reason to be down-trodden and dishearted but that is not a path we have to follow, to give in to. Even in the worst of situations you can hold on if you will just remember that it could always be worse for you don't need to have the luxury of not caring anymore. Chase down those dreams and let them fill your lungs with the air to help you breathe through it all for are we not built better than that than to just give in and surrender our will...?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

State of panic...

written by Pamela Scholes

          I sat this early , dark morning at the hour of 4:30am here in Atlanta sipping my Java and letting my mind think about the events of the day. Normally I let the day go at the end of the day so that tomorrow gets more promise but there are those times when distraught enough that I can't let it go without putting it to paper. I sat in the quiet of my home and wondered what everyone else in the world was doing at that time. Half of a new day was over for some and others a new day only beginning. Time is strange how it shifts and moves in location. This era of time is strange as well and this is what I pondered this morning. They say if we do not change it then history will repeat itself and I swear, with all of my searching can I find much change-not much good change anyway. Our own IRS, Medicaid, and various areas of the government have fallen under intense scrutiny- a thing I do not think has ever happened.
          I am not out to point fingers or blame any ONE person as this failure was a wrongful slew of decisions. So much is made in haste and nothing is given serious deliberation as everyone is in such a hurry. Why?- We are steady rushing the world into a pace it can not possibly keep up with. People are desperate, I do not believe I have ever seen such acts of desperation from everyday working people who can't afford to make any ends meet. People are standing on the edge and no one is offering any help, any relief, or any promise of a turn around. These are desperate times, tough times and instead of banding together most have gone out on their own to survive however they can. I am not condoning these acts of desperation but I am certainly bringing it to the forefront. People do not know who to turn to anymore and it seems that no one can be trusted, from the lowest of the ladder to the highest rung. We have been sold a false bill of goods under the lemon law of "as is" and this little catch 22 has brought so many to a dead end. Don't judge a person until you have walked in their shoes for times are hard all over and people are lost with no one to lead them. I can't understand how it can not be so apparently clear to the upper echelon that this world is in a state of panic...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sum up your life...

written by Pamela(pam)Scholes

         That's a very large question; I mean if asked to sum up your life, what would you say? Would you tell all of the good and the bad, would you admit your pain and often weakness? Would you tell those truths and even the half truths or just shove that under the rug? Would you speak kindly to the person in the mirror or would you sing your should have and could haves? Would you be proud, would you know that you had given every endeavor your best and would you let it be okay when you fell short? Would you speak of your dreams, those you have had and those you still have hopes for?
          Would you say that you always tried to do right by other's and right by your self and when not, would you be brave enough to admit the times you didn't do right? Would you say that you had known true love, that way deep down kind of love or would you have to say that you held back instead of letting go? Would you say that you had made many a friend, and lost some too but that those in your path-looking back- had changed your life? I could really run with this and ask countless questions but there is only one that matters and that is what YOU would say if ask to sum up your life...