Thursday, June 20, 2024

Coffin for the Soul...

The pain of a thousand knives stabbing at my soul; the thud of a thousand shovels digging a hollow hole,

The scarce trickle of light is sure and certain to fade as piles and heaps of dirt and rocks are fiercely tossed to lay,

Upon my chest full of grief and my face bathed in tears; my head full of broken dreams quartered now by lonely fears,

For the sun is sure to set and to never rise no more; nor shall the rolling tide ever rest upon the shore,

If all there is to know is not known, there is no need now for me to cry; if all there is to do is not done then the chance has passed me by,

If all there is to dream is not dreamt, there is no need now to sleep; for you own what the conscious has bought and what you own is yours to keep,

And in the tunnel shadows of a thousand aches and pains, you wish to die and pass away and hope to be born again,

You wish to escape the rain, the lightening, and the thunder, and the murky call of dark reality that threatens to pull you under,

In the eerie darkness you hear the beckon of a distant call; and the hooves of demons and dragons rushing from their stalls,

Then the gates of heartache open wide, inviting you to come in; but you must bite and dare to resist the grip of such an evil friend,

For despair needn't be death for there is sun above the dark; and though all you want is an end, your soul will beg you to start,

To claw away the dirt and rocks and go gasping for the air that will fill your lungs with sweet sensation and soon begin to repair,

Your sight, your touch, your smell...your sacred sense to feel; for if you'll climb from your painful coffin, you'll find all wounds do heal.

(Author notes) 

Time can be one big beast of battle but even it eventually falls, and we find our way through things we never thought we could. With time we become stronger and more forces us to pull our best out of our bag and to step up to the plate and take our turn. Do not succumb to some dark dungeon of a world that may call your can battle back; it's in your nature to find your way out of the twisted path of the forest right out into the field of flowers.

Poem from my latest release "Through the Eyes of Life." Visit my website to get your copy and enjoy the read.


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