Saturday, August 1, 2015

In light of things...

Pamela Scholes

            Depending on where you are it is either early or late as I sit in the quiet and dark of the Atlanta skyline at 2:00am-I can not sleep. I have been awake just pondering so many things and in light of things there is much to ponder. The world is on center stage and yet no one seems to be maintaining their part. Every one must participate and become a part of this movement we call Life.
             I do not know things backslid in to the state they are in nor do I understand how some of these things can possibly be justified. I sat here wondering what news was breaking at that moment far and wide that I would see on the 6:00am news. We have gotten entirely too much negative reaction and a poor level of positive action. We have pedaled backwards in so many areas and i can not grasp how we as a people could just sit by and watch so much that was fought for just now become amendments.
              I am not ashamed to say that we have lost sight, not the way but the visual of where we want to go. People are so confused, frustrated, and just put out that humanity has taken a downward spiral. I have days when some small action occurs that restores a small piece of my faith in humanity. Those are the moments we should breathe for-those of human kindness. An extended hand can move mountains when one knows they are not alone. And people, we are not alone for we are all here and like it or not these are the cards we have been dealt but we don't have to be alone-unity is just as simple.
               We are back to living in a world of survival by any means necessary and without care or regard for the consequences. Things loom large but we must choose to see the beauty instead of the ugly. We have to believe that we each matter enough to push forth for change for the ball has been dropped. Let us step up to the plate and take a swing. What harm could it do in light of things...