Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Pick up the pace...the slow pace 2024

This is a blog from 2013 but I have been noticing that it has been receiving many new views, so I thought it worthy of revisiting this test of picking up the slow pace with only a light dusting of a facelift.

Oh yes, here we go starting our new day already caught up in some kind of rushing flurry: we forgot something, we are running late, or we didn't get this or that done. We have no clue at what we miss each day or how many things we just rush right on by. There could be some glorious thing we missed because we were too busy running on the fast track at the fast pace. Going through your days like that adds up to many things you have simply passed by. How often do you take the time to watch a sunset or listen to the song whispered by the wind through the leaves of trees? People are in such a high-speed rush now to go everywhere and to get everything done; right now! Why? I think that "why" is a fair question to ask? I mean do we really HAVE to be the first one to arrive or be next in line? Folks rush to save time...hmmm. So, explain this one cause I love it when folks burn up 15 good minutes circling the full parking lot just waiting on someone up front to pull out and give you front row parking...never mind you could have settled for "okay" parking and be leaving by now! People have forgotten how to slow down, how to take deep, healthy breaths, and to just live in one moment of time at a time. Gaze around at the simple things right before our eyes and put the brakes on this rushing around trying to win some rat race. There is far too much wonder out there for us to embrace the race constantly; slow down for some days we are not meant to is designed so that we do not always win. We are, however, meant to absorb the hidden gifts of the day; we are meant to seek them out. I know that life can come quickly, strongly, and unfairly but we can react to that calmly. Try something new today by taking full stock of all of the tiny treasures in your life as all of that stuff that we rush about to get have my personal word that it will be right there whenever you get to it! Put that hurricane, that is your life, on "pause" and take some nice long deep breaths and then abandon the rat race and pick up the slow pace instead.

Pam's nighttime thoughts...

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