Thursday, May 16, 2024

The unbreakable bond of "bestie's forever."

Nothing can compete with the true, solid, steady unbreakable bond between two friends who were destined to meet...whose paths were set to cross. There is just no other relationship to compare it to. My bestie forever is my comfort zone, my sounding board, my fun and laughs, my thoughts shared, my magical moment memory maker, my forever solid anchor...she is absolutely the berries. It is having that feeling of some part of you being completed and fulfilled. She is a breath of fresh air and my finest rolling buddy ever. Don't let the chance go by for one day that you don't appreciate the worth of that friend of is important that you share what they mean to you. And on that note, this is for all of you "bestie gals" who have signed on for the long haul and to memories uncountable and to memories awaiting...CHEERS to every second of shared time. And to my bestie forever, Lula Morrow, I look so forward to adding to those countless days of almost too much perfection. 

My cup runneth over.

Pammy and Wuwu


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