Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Coffee and Conversation

 Coffee and Conversation

Nothing like it…a nice hot cup full of gourmet coffee and a keg full of spicy conversation! Oh yeah…and the perfect setting that is in some hole in the wall, way off the beaten path and away from anyone that just might know you. If you drink thru a pot of coffee without realizing it because you were so immersed in such capturing conversation, then that is like the best berries ever! Much better than having to drink a pot of coffee trying to find some way to stimulate any conversation…that is not enjoying either thing. I’ve had some of the best coffee and coolest “all over the map” coffee and conversations with my bestie at some of the best unknown spots. A couple of them I think we actually had to almost get lost to find but one of them made a seriously mean caramel latte! Me and bestie, Wuwu, are very much coffee hounds and we seek out those spots you have to google to find and get ourselves a back booth and order a latte and a snack(maybe one of those $10 slabs of cake) and just drop anchor for a bit. Or we swing thru a drive-up window and hit the road with lattes rolling right along with us. We have had some of the best talks over more lattes than one could even guess at, and we do hereby claim many many more of the same. My very first real latte was with Wuwu and she said it was a cinnamon latte, and she’s probably right, and somehow, we became connected that day…and boy oh boy at the talks that have followed since that first latte over 15 years ago. See…if you have that great cup of coffee and that spicy keg of conversation well…you have it all; all that you need right then at that moment anyway! And we do fully plan on having coffee together forever…and I feel no doubts about it for I know we will.

Lula Morrow(Wuwu)…I love you infinitely. Cheers ☕️☕️


  1. Pam. You have a

  2. Pam, you have a way with words like no other and you do so well with them…I so enjoyed the two books you wrote and I read…
    Take it easy

    1. Thank you for the kind words and am so very happy you enjoyed both books!