Sunday, May 26, 2024

Your spirit animal...

 I recall well the evening I learned about one's spirit animal...I did not know exactly what it meant and that was my exact reply when I was asked, "what is your spirit animal?" I simply said, "what do you mean by that?" The lovely meaning was explained to me that we each had a spirit animal that was a very personal relationship between it and myself. I inquired further in asking, "how would I know what my spirit animal is?" And another simple reply came forth in the form of a question, "if you could have only one animal, from now on, to stay with you that comforted you and moved you, made you happy. What animal would you choose?" All I know is that my answer came quickly and with full certainty as I nearly proclaimed, "a horse." I have always loved horses and thought them as poetry in motion as they run wild and free across an open field or the trails of the mountains or the sands of the beach for, they run with an unabashed freedom...a freedom I do not believe we mortals could ever fully know. They are majestic and mystical...they are magnificent creatures with gentle souls. 

The next few days passed as normal until I received a very special gift from my bestie forever...I was given a beautiful blanket with a black stallion on it; my spirit animal could now comfort me in my sleep. She is a beauty indeed and I named her Blaze. Having discovered what my spirit animal is has made me appreciate what they represent even more and my awe of them has grown. Just pics of horses comfort me and capture me. I encourage you to discover your spirit animal and explore all of the many reasons that make up that special connection.                        

My bucket list hopes that I get to go horseback riding and just at least get up to a nice quick trot so that, for that moment, I could have a small taste of that worriless freedom they feel as they see only open space to run in. Just me, sitting in the saddle, on Blaze's back, the sun behind me, and the breeze across my face as she trots me on as a guest on her run of would be the best thing ever.

Pam's late-night thoughts

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