Friday, May 24, 2024

Harmless Fun!

 Let’s talk about a few lighthearted, kind of comical, thoughts for this blog and wash away seriousness for a short read at least. So, I will start the ball rolling and y’all feel free to leave a comment and keep it rolling. Let’s have some fun…

I love shock value…there’s just nothing like laying out a comment that is one of those “didn’t see that coming” kind of things. Exhibit A: At one of my local convenient stores, I frequent there is always the same 2-3 folks hanging around the corners waiting to ask you for a cigarette or a quarter or just change in general. So, I stopped the other day and as I was walking across the lot here he came, same guy, and I let him ask me if a I had a quarter and with all of the seriousness I could muster I replied “man I was about to ask you if you had any change you could share and you ain’t got a cigarette I could get do you? I smoke Newport's.” His face was priceless. He just walked away looking back at me with a look of pure surprise and I KNOW he didn’t see that one coming! But it was just some harmless fun. 

Exhibit B: When someone is just going to be downright insistent on creating a tense situation or conversation about something that really boils down to one of those “to each his own” kind of things, I will just not waste my time dealing with that which will refuse to be dealt with so I look them in the eye and shake my head a little in fake thought and say “you know what? You just might be right.” And I turn around and walk off with no reply to that statement except that question going around in their head “what did she mean by that?” It ended a “going nowhere” conversation before it got started but I did get the last word, so to speak, and left the other person pondering that same question all day, “what was she trying to say!” It is harmless fun though. 

Sometimes when I’m cruising along and maybe a favorite song like Uptown Funk is playing in the car and it’s a good mood kind of day, I suddenly want to give a few folks something to ponder all day long about over a complete stranger. I’ll pick out a car at random and as they go by, I just toot my horn and roll the window down and wave like we know each other well. I look in the rear-view mirror and I see them brake lighting and I know for the rest of the day they will be trying to figure out who in the world I was and from where would they have met me and who do they know that drives a car like mine? Ya know stuff like that can get on a person’s mind so bad they think it to death trying to figure out who that was and I guess I really shouldn’t do that, but it really is just harmless fun. 

Have you ever just been walking a busy street or out in a full parking lot full of people, at the mall or such, and just started looking up at the sky? Really studying it and point a time or two for good measure, at absolutely nothing, but all it takes is one other person out there to see you and observe you a moment before they begin to look up and try very hard to see whatever it is you are looking at and before you know half of the parking lot is still looking for “it” after you’ve walked off and gone on the store! Again…it’s harmless fun. 

Folks y'all know there is not enough lighthearted thoughts floating around as there should be, so the above 3 things of harmless fun things are still enough to give yourself a good chuckle and someone else something to think about all day. I won’t share anymore from my bag of very harmless fun shenanigans, but I do encourage y’all to be creative and give it a try!

Pam's late-night laughs...

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