Monday, May 20, 2024

The Forgotten

 Those who have visited my blog page know that I do not dabble in or speak of politics or religions, but I have a concern that hits a political cord and causes a spiritual unrest in me. It is about a group of people we seem to have swept aside, thrown away the key on, and just plain forgotten about and that’s our VA Vets. It has taken way more many years that it should have for avenues of help for those who, were fortunate enough to make it home. I have met with and spoken with many men who returned from this war and their experiences they shared with me are images that will never leave my mind and I cannot begin to fully know their insurmountable inner sufferings. Images, unthinkable images, that are seared into the lives of those who didn't ask to be sent off to war to have young bodies broken and young minds branded with horrors we could not know. These young BOYS were patted on the back and sent off with great support to defend their country and fight for “the cause” by telling them it was their job to follow orders of destruction. So many of them died for their country and our only acknowledgement is a wall bearing their names. I have walked the length of that wall, and I can only say that they were at least honored. The greatest honor should have been open arms when they returned to their homeland shattered in so many ways and dragging burdens we cannot fathom. 

     What about those young boys that came back broken down into men with scarred minds, severed limbs, and tattered souls…what about them? I will tell you…I watched a documentary of where, upon finally making it home, people actually spat on them. The support was gone. Today, still, way too many are jobless as employers see them as not viable. Too many are homeless, no families, no avenues with an out-stretched hand. We have come a long way in offering aid but it’s not near enough. We offered up no help to these that served their country when they returned to find a shell of a home. I honor those men, hold a hand high and grant them their due attention, their due respect, their due aid for a decent life. They are people too, just like me and you, and they deserve, they have earned the same chances as anyone else for putting things back together and finding a happy place to be. I think so much more could be done but seems like our money is just always needed for something else. I cannot understand how so little is actually available to those courageous young boys who now, as broken men, are looking for some peace in a country they watched so many die for and that somehow seems too much to ask? How sad. In my own personal opinion, I cannot understand the concept of winning by who killed off the most people. No one wins when so many die. It’s never too late though to set it right. So, for the folks calling the shots on such matters I sure wish they would implement some humanity and remember the cause themselves when considering what they could do to help. Time is wasting so let us no longer turn our heads or close our eyes and allow those of honor to continue to be the forgotten...

Pam's late night thoughts

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