Thursday, November 1, 2012

A day of success...

     The following is my idea of a simple day but yet a grand day of success. I had a wonderful day yesterday, for one thing I spent it above ground. It was a blue sky full of lazy flowing clouds and there lingered a promise of cold in the air. It is cozy to feel wrapped and welcomed into natures ever-changing arms. This was a day of quality time that I spent sharing with someone I love and who is very dear to me. This day was filled with laughter and big smiles and long talks and short chats. It was a day when being together was was more than enough and for that period of time all was right with the world.
      I spent a little time before my escapade working on my next book which is doing what I love doing and that love is important to the freedom of our very soul. You must give your soul room to roam, room to expand, room to explore, and room to absorb the lessons we learn each day. Remember: your soul does not operate because of you but rather you operate because of it. The soul must breathe just as our lungs do in order to thrive. We have to tend to our inner self garden by planting flowers or memories or whatever moves both you and your loved company. This way you have left the day, perhaps, better than you found it and that is just one fine way and a pleasant note to wrap up any day with...contentment.
       It is a simple enough thing to accomplish on the one hand and sometimes a bumpy trail on the other. We, however, know our way around the circle of those that are the core of our happiness just as we do the hallways of our home, we stroll through confidently and comfortably. I accomplished what I set out to do and what a time it was to be blessed in spending such quality time with such quality folks. We brightened one another's day and added another page to our memory's album entitled: "Days of almost too much perfection." One needn't ask for more to consider that a day of pure, fulfilling, and rewarding success... 

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