Sunday, November 18, 2012


       Just like the laws of gravity there are laws to apply in life-your life. As people we tend to either over analyze or we just leap without looking. We take chances without considering both sides of the coin of consequences. STOP! It is time top pause and reflect, to gather our breath, and to open our eyes. It is time to reconnect with the person that you know you are.
        Once one has figured thier path and formed a plan to travel it and has prepared for ALL that awaits then GO!. Take your baby steps to begin your journey toward your goals, walk before you run. Gather your tools and procceed with all caution. If you can visualize it then you can make it real.
         The time will come when the dream is in sight for you have traveled diligently, persistently, and with great passion. When your rainbow appears within your clear vision then RUN! Take off in a mighty stride without looking back and seize your pot of gold. We will encounter a little less obstruction if we know when to Go, when to Stop, and when to Run...

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