Sunday, October 28, 2012

One penny or Two pennies?...

        I know that we have all asked someone and been asked by someone " give you a penny for your thoughts." But on the very contrary we are often asked to throw our two cents(sense) worth in so, how are we to figure which is time for which and why does one cost more?
        Generally when you ask someone "a penny for your thoughts" it is because you can sense that they are deep in concentration and maybe in turmoil over something that they need to talk about. They do not expect anything except for you to listen, no words or advice is needed for it is a time when one just needs to be able to speak aloud & listen to what thier voice says. The single penny you offer is an offer to lend your ear.
          And then in the midst of an entirely different stand point  we are asked to through our two cents worth in. Here is where we get the chance to return in the talking because someone has thrown thier thoughts out and this time they need input and direction. They WANT any advice or inspiration you have to offer- they are seeking answers and you have been chosen to help provide them. This cost the full money- it is full service. We get to offer up our experiences  and what was learned from them and hopefully we will say something that was needed to hear.
            Either way my friends it is a win/win situation for you get to share and interact on a personal level with someone else. Every life we touch, touches ours so be sure if it is One penny or Two pennies...

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