Friday, November 2, 2012

What really is Life? ...

     Let us answer this question for I do have my own thoughts that I believe to be true.

   Life is hard; it is a job. It is a job that we must attend everyday and it does not operate by hours worked nor does it offer days off; it is a job from sunrise to sunset. Life surrounds every breath we take. It is a job that we must take seriously in order to climb the ladder of better improving who we are.
    Life is also funny, in a very serious kind of way life is funny. If we let it then it can be the prankster of our dreams and the joker of our hope. It will mock us and laugh at us at times when we fail while at the same time it provides us with the tools to get back up and try again. It does indeed cut both ways.
    But above all things life is also kind and generous. It is an endless pool of so much to offer. Some things we may never know and that is okay because life will fill us like a sponge. It is indeed beauty and wonder, magical and mystical.
     It is all of this and so much more-its story travels along each day. Just considering these few things is what I feel Life really is...

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