Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pick up the pace...the slow pace...

Oh yes, here we go starting our new day in some kind of rushing flurry- we forgot something, we are running late, or  we didn't get this or that done. We have no clue at what we miss each day, things we just rush right past-could be a glorious thing we missed because we are too busy running on the fast track. Going through your days like that adds up to many things you have simply passed by. How often do you take the time to watch a sunset or listen to the song whispered by the wind through the leaves of trees? People are in such a rush now-why? I mean do we really HAVE to be first at the stop sign or red light? People have forgotten how to slow down, take deep breaths, and just look around at the simple things right before our eyes-we are too busy rushing around trying to win the rat race. There is far too much wonder out there for us to embrace the race constantly-some days we are not meant to win-we are meant to absorb the hidden gifts of the day. I know that life can come quickly & strongly but we can react to that calmly. Try some thing new today by loving all the tiny things in your life and abandon the rat race and pick up the slow pace...


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    1. hello Chris- top of the day to you-thanks for the visit & comment-glad to connect with you. have yourself a great day. If you enjoyed this one then you are warmly invited to see if any other ones talk to you. TY again.