Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All the way down...

       Let me begin by saying that I am not much of a political person but what I have to say is not rocket science nor does it really take any more than good old plain common sense. I have listened to what governmental talkers have talked for a while now throughout the years and there is one thing that troubles me greatly for no politician or official or any department of government has ever uttered a single statement on my concern: those people in the system who are all the way down...the lower class as they have been labeled. I hear, and have always heard, about what things will affect the middle-class and/or the upper-class folks. I am afraid that until someone steps forth and acknowledges that we do have a lower class then we may not be giving some of the eager people in the world a chance simply because they go unmentioned and ignored. Turning one's head has never been known to make an issue just up and go away and this is a large and a very sad epic saga of an issue to me. We have so much and yet we solve so little. We have so many homeless, we have so many that go hungry, we have so many with zero health care of any kind. I find it more than a fair question to ask: how can those situations exist when we claim to have so much? Every person out there deserves a chance, deserves to be acknowledged, deserves an out reached hand...especially those that are All the way down..

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