Monday, July 8, 2024

Life's Spider Webs...🕸

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It all began simple enough, as I suppose most things do. You ever feel like the best way to equate some of the events of your life are to compare them to a spider web? The small, seemingly harmless creature begins to weave a webbed sculpture with nothing more than a single glistening strand of silk that stretches from one point to another. It continues to weave dynamic geometrical shapes until it has created an intricate piece of art. We can only wonder how this tiny creature could achieve building such a beautiful splendor in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. It spreads about it an air of curiosity that draws us to take a closer look at this spectacular creation. The closer we get the more engrossed we are with the precision and detail laboriously applied to this miniature world of silken strands. 

We are so in awe that we fail to realize the purpose for which the web was designed to begin with. It was not created for the joy of one to gaze upon but for the sole reason that one would become trapped in the paralyzing sticky residue that lies, unseen, on the surface of those glorious silk strands. By the time we realize this, it is usually too late: we are already caught and struggling in vain to free ourselves. The more we struggle, the more entangled we become. In moments of panic, we become held hostage to this silken captor and no exit makes logical sense. Not all things apply to all things, and I am in no way saying that all of the good things out there are hiding all bad things. It is, however, amazing at how often, once entrapped, we see that we have failed to realize that the art of the spider webs was to create chaos to those who admired too closely.

Pam's late-night thoughts...

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