Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Do we really wish to do it all over again?

      "If I had my life to do over again..." We have heard it, and I am sure we have almost all said it but let's take a reflective and thoughtful moment to really examine the wonder and wish of starting again. If we were given the chance to do it all over again, I am sure there would be so much we would do and so much we wouldn't have done. Looking back sometimes fills us with regrets, and it makes it hard to move forward for we wish we could change them. The small regrets are those that eat us up inside and that is one thing that makes us want to do it all over again. But do we really wish to do that? It's a fair question to ask yourself and the answer will truly lie solely on how you feel about the destination your life has arrived at.

        We say that we would do so many things differently and no doubt we would all alter a thing or two or throw a little seasoning into our wind but that does not mean that we would have not reached the same outcome simply because we traveled a different road. See, we don't get to do it over again with that knowledge of knowing what we know now, it would be an entirely different journey with all of the similar learning lessons awaiting us. We may travel the other path of the diverged road and yet still meet the same outcome only by the means of a different route. We may seize those moments to change some things, but you cannot stop your feet from leading you down the path they are meant to travel for all roads are different but often lead to the same place. If you are happy and content with your life in later years, then do not wish to do it all over again for you came VIA the path the universe unfolded before you. No matter the paths we cross we all swim thru the mud, coast thru the valleys and climb steep mountains but I believe we each arrive exactly where we were meant to be. Be happy that the mistakes didn't hold you down and that the positives carried you forth for we get one chance to ride this ride so enjoy it and don't wish to do it all over again...especially when the scent of "the best is yet to come" lingers in the air. 

Pam's late-night thoughts...

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