Thursday, March 28, 2024

Does the buck stop here?

The buck stops...
That blog was originally first published on 3/18/2013(I was just getting going then)

And now here we are all the way to 3/28/2024(I've got it going now) and all we really want to know from jump is...

Does the buck stop here?

I would really, really love to discuss this issue since we still live in a world where no one takes any fault or any responsibility for anything if there is any way they can “pass the buck!” And so, I must ask, that while everyone is pointing a finger at someone else to assign fault to so that someone else can deal with it, then where does the buck stop?! For instance, if you call, with a complaint or an issue or a concern, to some large company you will first get an “associate” on the other end of the line who listens to your entire side of  the story and will still happily tell you that the "buck stops" with the president or with the CEO which would be on the top floor of an office neither one of them even visits. Even if they know your complaint or issue or concern is completely valid, they will still just as soon pass it off onto someone else to deal with. And even if you are given the golden direct line to the president or the CEO of such company well goooood luuuuck getting a hold of one of them. You will become fond friends with their voicemail which will most likely not result in a reply. You can have an issue in a grocery store with a product or pricing or such and you ask to speak with the manager and, after some lengthy little wait, some friendly, smiling, apologetic face appears only to explain how this is one of those situations that the district manager would have to handle as that's where the buck stops. We are smart enough to recognize those push offs, pass alongs, and pass on's while being shifted from one department to the next until you are inevitably disconnected. Wonder where the buck stopped on that one?

I am, and have been, convinced for longer than not that the there is barely a right hand out there that has any clue what the left hand is doing and let me assure you right now that neither hand will take any fault, for any part of anything but will helpfully and happily push you right on over to someone else who will also be able to help you. It's just amazing how quick people are to jump up and down to take any credit for something they had no hand in but, when an issue arises then no one wants to be involved, no one seems to have any answers, and no one really seems to care, to put it frankly. So, my questions remain...where do the shove offs end? When does the finger pointing at someone else end? I think it could all end right here and now if we would just get out some markers and draw some lines and buck up and force the ones who should be held accountable made to do their job. I am, however, holding out some faith for humanity a tad longer for the voice of those who have enough fierceness and enough courage and have just had enough to put their foot down and be a trend setter for announcing and abiding to 
“Yes, the buck stops right here.” 

What a welcome and surprising change that would be. We are all beyond tired of having to naturally ask from jump, just out of curiosity, and for the sake of saving time...
”Does the buck stop here?


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