Thursday, March 14, 2024



Oh yes, you better believe I audibly laughed out loud when this discussable subject came into my thoughts. Actually, I’m sure it more like flew in turbulence across my mind. To have patience…every day, every time, with everyone, about everything…is just not a logically, conceivable or achievable concept anymore. Now in a perfect world it just might be commonplace but in this section of years, that has been carved out for us, you are going to expect folks who will shoot you over being first at the gas pump to pause and just have patience? Yes, I audibly laughed out loud again. Now let’s think about this, let’s break this down, and let’s examine this thing called patience.

I can hardly think of one thing out there that doesn’t have a line you can cross, a limit you can over draw, a level where it has to stop…there is nothing, there is no one, there is no situation where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH won’t show up! It takes a lot of used up time and literal abuse of kindness before ENOUGH begins to creep up on you. It generally creeps up slowly cause it takes time for it all to build, to bubble, to boil, and to inevitably blow…and when it does blow…it probably ain’t gonna be pretty. Now some folks possess more patience than others, we are all designed different, but I’m not sure that having a grand supply of patience is a gift or a curse! Being able to have patience at all is irrefutably a gift but if left to the abusive devices of others who will make a mile out of every inch you will spare then it could lean more towards a curse. People will test your patience deliberately just to see how much you can take, how long can you bite your tongue, how many times will you offer another pointless chance! First of all: why do that? Why make it your fancy spot of the day to drive a nail thru someone else's patience level? Just because you may not have one positive molecule of patience about you doesn’t mean that your train wreck ride should come to rest at another person's station of patience and calmness. I’m sure there are words out there to name this disruption, but I just don’t exactly know what to label one who does that…other than disconnected and holding nothing but a balloon of a life filled with impatience. You can be sure that that isn’t going to float you very far.

And second of all: this is a short and sweet one. I like to think that kindness can’t be cured but watch your impatient selves for even the kindest of the kind all eventually reach that plateau of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Patience is almost wishful thinking these days and I wish it were not, but we are not living in some Norman Rockwell painting. But don’t sit impatiently by and take my word for it…go ahead and keep on pushing the buttons of folk's patience, instead of cultivating some patience of your own, and you will find out in no time at all that you have gotten nowhere at all!

So, my “word” on patience is: if you have it then absolutely exercise it but protect it too…you have to be selective on whom you bless with it, to what extent you will use it, and have zero problem throwing up that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH roadblock!

And if you just smack out do not have any, or damn near any, patience at all then people are probably not for you, and you should consider getting yourself a pet…maybe a goldfish; surely, they don’t take up much of one’s patience! And yes, my final note to this was one more audible laugh right out loud!

Cheers to Patience and a four-leaf clover; you just may need some luck!



  1. I need to work on this myself. I'm a pretty impatient person this is one of my weaknesses.

    1. this is one we could all work on but I have more patience than I have ever had...just never had folks press my buttons like they do now...I am quick to say, when a friend says something about a long line in the grocery store, "We are all in some kind of line somewhere out there and tomorrow we will get in another line or two before our day is over" so we do what we have to and that is to be patient and wait our turn. Let it be a work in progress for you.