Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sum up your life...

written by Pamela(pam)Scholes

         That's a very large question; I mean if asked to sum up your life, what would you say? Would you tell all of the good and the bad, would you admit your pain and often weakness? Would you tell those truths and even the half truths or just shove that under the rug? Would you speak kindly to the person in the mirror or would you sing your should have and could haves? Would you be proud, would you know that you had given every endeavor your best and would you let it be okay when you fell short? Would you speak of your dreams, those you have had and those you still have hopes for?
          Would you say that you always tried to do right by other's and right by your self and when not, would you be brave enough to admit the times you didn't do right? Would you say that you had known true love, that way deep down kind of love or would you have to say that you held back instead of letting go? Would you say that you had made many a friend, and lost some too but that those in your path-looking back- had changed your life? I could really run with this and ask countless questions but there is only one that matters and that is what YOU would say if ask to sum up your life...

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