Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stray thoughts...

written by Pamela(pam) Scholes

       I was sitting alone in my living room listening to some classical music and winding down from the days events and out of no particular place came upon me these stray thoughts. Anyone who has visited me knows that I do not dabble in politics or religion but I do have thoughts and feelings as a human being as to what goes on around me- around all of us. I thought of all of the desperate people doing desperate things that perhaps they would not normally do. I thought of all this era of youth living confused and lost inside and doing undo-able things. I thought of all the people I pass on the street with no food or place to call home and I can find no understanding in this. I watch the news early each morning and I see pain, anguish, death, natural diasters, famine, and heartache in the eyes of so many. On my good feeling writing days I skip the news.
        I thought of the people who have gone so far down that they have given up and let hope slip away from them. Hope is a good thing people, often times the only thing that keeps us going. Hope is a good thing, it will be your air when you think you can not breathe. I thought of all of the sinkholes around the country and wondered if the bottom is simply going to fall out from under us one hole at a time; sure seems that way. So many things seem to be coming apart one hole at a time and we can't keep doing patch work; I wonder sadly if it is all fixable anymore. Will we find our way back home inside? Oh, do not get me wrong for I still have high hopes for the people who will, if they just dig deep, pull through and make a happy ending. And I have high hopes for myself and future as tomorrow may open a new window to a better day. I thought so many things that my hands can hardly keep up with my mind. I suppose the big picture can just be so overwhelming in these times we are living in. I want to please ask all to take a calm moment alone and think of your good fortunes, no matter how small, so that you will be thankful for what you have when YOU ponder these stray thoughts...


  1. Pam, reading this that you wrote was so close to my own thoughts and heart. I believe that so many people feel as you do, but it takes someone like you that is not afraid, brave enough to open up and write as you do. To have the ability to bring out your thoughts willingly to others is a true gift that you are blessed with. That in turn blesses others that need to hear what you have to say. To me you are a comforting, compassionate, and true Friend. Thank you Pam. Much love and to you, Nancy

    1. Thank you more than I can say for your amazing words that absolutely lifted my day. My wish above wishes is that my words ARE what one needs to hear...I am so rewarded that this blog spoke to you, remain inspired Nancy!