Wednesday, October 9, 2013

State of panic...

written by Pamela Scholes

          I sat this early , dark morning at the hour of 4:30am here in Atlanta sipping my Java and letting my mind think about the events of the day. Normally I let the day go at the end of the day so that tomorrow gets more promise but there are those times when distraught enough that I can't let it go without putting it to paper. I sat in the quiet of my home and wondered what everyone else in the world was doing at that time. Half of a new day was over for some and others a new day only beginning. Time is strange how it shifts and moves in location. This era of time is strange as well and this is what I pondered this morning. They say if we do not change it then history will repeat itself and I swear, with all of my searching can I find much change-not much good change anyway. Our own IRS, Medicaid, and various areas of the government have fallen under intense scrutiny- a thing I do not think has ever happened.
          I am not out to point fingers or blame any ONE person as this failure was a wrongful slew of decisions. So much is made in haste and nothing is given serious deliberation as everyone is in such a hurry. Why?- We are steady rushing the world into a pace it can not possibly keep up with. People are desperate, I do not believe I have ever seen such acts of desperation from everyday working people who can't afford to make any ends meet. People are standing on the edge and no one is offering any help, any relief, or any promise of a turn around. These are desperate times, tough times and instead of banding together most have gone out on their own to survive however they can. I am not condoning these acts of desperation but I am certainly bringing it to the forefront. People do not know who to turn to anymore and it seems that no one can be trusted, from the lowest of the ladder to the highest rung. We have been sold a false bill of goods under the lemon law of "as is" and this little catch 22 has brought so many to a dead end. Don't judge a person until you have walked in their shoes for times are hard all over and people are lost with no one to lead them. I can't understand how it can not be so apparently clear to the upper echelon that this world is in a state of panic...

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