Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Voices...

written by Pamela(pam) Scholes

      I have taken a personal hiatus on my blogs but am now ready to talk. I am a true Gemini and, like most of us, have the voices in our heads. I am not talking about hearing voices other than your own. We each have two sides within us that will often be in conflict with one another and wish to battle our decisions. The voice can some times tear you down and steal your inspiration- this was the cause of my hiatus. I share as much inspiration as I can but there will be times when the inspirer needs some extra inspiration- and I gather that from all of you.
       The voice can also be comforting as we have to know how to tend to ourselves and let that voice lead us where we are meant to go. I have fought with my voice, argued with it, reasoned with it, and discussed some important issues with myself. We must always be able to reason with ourselves and spend more time in harmony. I have managed to get both ends to meet in agreement and this can be a difficult task. Look into the reflection in the mirror; look deep down inside and choose carefully but listen to the voices...

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