Sunday, February 17, 2013

What goes up...

    We have all heard that what goes up must come down and this does not always have to be true. Let us be optimist for a moment and look inside and take inventory of what has gone up in our lives. If we have been kind to people and shared of ourselves then our circle of friends goes up. If we dig deep, way down deep and find our center then our contentment goes up.
     If we chose persistent over defeat then our success will go up. When we give freely without thought of cost then our character and trustworthiness will go up. If you stop long enough to do no more than watch the baby birds learn to defy gravity then your confidence for your own flight will go up. There is so much that increases the value and quality of our life and it is what we choose that is what goes up...


  1. tienes un discurso càlido.hola soy Joseba Bilbao sp..ayer te escribì algo.hoy tengo traduccion pero son las 3am y estoy algo dormido...traspuesto...un moment..voy a tomar un cafè..vuelvo ya1

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this blog- i am so glad that you liked it enough to share your thoughts. have a wonderful day.