Sunday, January 5, 2014

Always never the same...

written by Pamela Scholes     

      It is an age old adage of "The more things change the more they stay the same."For most of my life I did not really understand what that meant, I only knew that it had to be logic hidden within logic. Now, after many journeyed paths that have been crossed by all walks of people and new encounters I have finally come to understand it and just how true it is. Looking back, as we often do, I can see many times this applied in my life but it escaped me. We can use a simple situation as an example and you will see how it equates to so much and has for so long.
       You can take an individual who has no real sense of responsibility and just kind of rolls with the flow without much of a care in the world. You look at this person who appears to have no direction in life, aimlessly wandering. Now, let us say that this misguided individual lands a good job and takes on some responsibilities of every day life. They pay the bills and secure a safety net. That's all well and good but it is also only exterior change and no matter how much of it there may be, when you see this person inside you will often find no or little change at all. Exterior change is much easier and far less painful but without inner change the rest is just self geography.
       So, you see that the more some things change the more they stay the same for one ever becomes somebody of growth so long as they move only outside the lost person they are. History has proven this to be true as well and it is on a much higher level of how many things change while staying the same. It is a false bill of sale on damaged goods. Think about it, look around, go somewhere you have not been in a long time, or talk to a long out of touch friend and you will see how some things are just always never the same...

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