Monday, March 18, 2013

The buck stops...

     I would really love to address this since we seem to live in a current state of world where no one takes the blame and everyone points a finger-where does the buck stop?! Call upon those large companies and they will tell you that the "buck stops" with the presisdent or CEO; try getting a hold of one of them. You can have an issue in a grocery store and they will tell you that the "buck stops" with the manager or district manager but we all know that is a push-off because no one wishes to have to handle an issue. "I am sorry but you will have to contact..."- I get so tired of hearing this and from being shifted from one department to the next.
      I am convinced that the there is barely a right hand out there that knows what the left one  is doing and neither hand will take blame but merely push you over to someone else who will be able to help you. People are quick to jump up and down to take credit for something but when an issue arises then no one wants to be involved, no one seems to have answers, and no one really seems to have an explaination. Where does it end?, Where do we draw the line? When does it end? It can end here and now and we can get out those markers and draw some of those lines if only someone with enough guts to mean it stood up more often and said, "The buck stops...HERE!"

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