Sunday, March 24, 2013

The betrayed and forgotten...

    All who have visited me here before know I do not speak of politics or religions but I have another concern that bothers me so; a group of people we have thrown away the key on-VA Vets. I have met and spoken with many men who returned from this war and thier experiences they shared with me are images that will never leave my mind and I can not begin to know thier inner sufferings. These boys were patted on the back and sent off with great support to defend thier country and so many of them died for thier country and our only acknowledgement is a wall bearing thier names. At least they were honored, as they should have been.
     But what about the young boys that came back broken down into old men with scarred minds and tattered souls-what about them? I will tell you- they came back and I watched a biography where people actually spat on them-the support was gone. Many are jobless-employers see them as not viable-or too many are homeless. We offered up no help to these that served thier country when they returned to a shell of a home. I honor those men, hold a hand high and grant them thier due attention. They are people too and deserve the same chances as anyone else. Let us no longer turn our heads and continue to forget about the betrayed and forgotten...


  1. there is nothing so easily given away as the freedom won by the blood sweat and tears of others honour all service personnel in your hearts minds and in your prayers and in your support I have often tried to think of something to say to those who gave me the freedom I enjoy today many have wrote fine words poems and speeches all I can say is a simple thank you from the heart I was born in hull during the last air raid on the city in 1945 250 people where killed the innocents of war people I never knew those who fought for freedom of speech I have talked to vets of the second world war and was told they fought so they did not come here they all admitted to being scared there have always been forgotten wars Burma Korea and the list goes on where ever you are any time of the day and night think of them and honour them when you see the events to support them dig that little bit deeper the vets from Vietnam got a rough both there and at home when make amends demand and give the respect they deserve. michael

    1. Michael, I have had many conversations with those who were willing to die for the cause at hand at the time and therein lies a very common thread of fear, anger, sadness and some of them cursed with the nighttime dreams that never go away. I do not believe in war...I concede that during different eras of time it was deemed necessary but somehow, at the end of the day, even the declared winner has also is like an argument with someone: no one really wins, and everyone loses something, many who were just ordinary everyday folks that were collateral damage. But I honor them all...those who made it back home and those that did not...may all of them have peace find their souls.