Monday, January 28, 2013

Forget about it...

    We have all heard this from the Mafia movies this phrase "forget about it." Sometimes that did not mean a good thing but at other times in life it means exactly what it says. Let us look at a few examples of this for it warrants some attention.
     For those days that you begin to ponder something that you wish you could go back and change then you need to change direction. Let it go; you can't change it, you can't paint it a pretty color or fix it so "forget about it." People need to cut the anchors that bind them. Some things in life just aren't worth fighting for or about so just "forget about it." When you look back at the end of the day and see that it was a miserable one, "forget about it" for the day is over and tomorrow you shall begin anew. Try not to allow worry to consume you for you are paying rent on something that may not even happen; we face enough stresses each day without dragging around extra baggage. Place your list by item of priority and give each one its due attention, let it take its path and you sit back and follow and as for the rest- "forget about it..."

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