Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Be or not To Be?

So, this is the grand question, to be or not to be? We all must know that this could and will apply to almost, if not everything, in our lives. We will go through each day without a clue as to how many times we have silently ask ourselves that question. I think much of the answer lies with free-will. We have been given that so that we had the right to make choices and decisions. It is how we plan our reaction to adverse action. Is it to be a mountain or is it to be merely a climable hill? Is it to be a valley or is it to be just a dip in the road? Is it to be a dark, dense forest or is it to be a path only hidden by trees? Is it to be a haul down a long dusty road or is it to be a walk in the sunshine? We could ask all day what is to be or not but why bother to ask? We already hold the answer: Things are what you choose them to be, what you mold them to be, what you strive for them to be. And that which is not to be was not meant to be.

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