Monday, September 17, 2012

Judge and Jury

 It is somehow easier to offer our attention and opinions towards things that we feel are simply out of our hands. The great web of deceit, we have woven it well for ourselves. I say that we, each individual separately, has woven their own web because we rarely ever take the time to examine our own lives. There seems to be a no- holds- barred rule when we stand in judgement of another’s actions or create our own ideals about who they really are.
  I have never understood how people find it so easy to stand as judge and jury over another person's life that they really know nothing about. Deep down in everyone’s life rests a piece of misery, heartache, and a closet of haunting ghosts. People in general go forth in life with the preconceived notion that all others are wearing masks, yet we do not consider this notion to apply to ourselves personally. We always find good reasons why we are the exception to the rule for too many times we are willing to deceive ourselves...the first person we should stay true to.

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