Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my life in a novel of poetry

Hello to all, this is my first "go" at blogging so please bear with me in the beginning-i will catch on. I do want to say that my life can be summed up in my novel of poetry "Through the eyes of Life." I have compiled that book over many years and through various era's of my life so these words have followed me and told my story as I went along on this bountiful journey. It sums up my thoughts about our many roads traveled in life and how each must be weighed equally. It is my encouragement and inspiration from the first person point of view- the "I have been there." I wish to share my life and experiences in this novel of poetry with all. Visit me at my website  and my FB page filled with many different daily "feel good" words at pamela scholes. It has been a wonderful journey, wayward at times but who's isn't? Take a travel with me down these poetic trails.

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