Saturday, June 15, 2013

Calm before the storm...

written by pamela(pam)scholes

      The calm before the age old saying that now seems to apply to most things in life. It is strange how we know when it is coming-the world gets still with no air moving, like trying to breathe water. We feel it in our gut as every nerve sits on edge. We have to sit in limbo of a state of panic just having to wait for it to arrive so that we can hunker down and ride it out.
       We will sense the storms coming and the anticipation of what is in store quicker than we sense good things that are also on the way. Why is this? No bad thing lasts forever and no good thing comes easy but the clouds will always roll on by and the spring will surely always come. Hold onto your faith and hope and belief of better things to come instead of worrying too much about the calm before the storm...

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